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Get Hands On!


Welcome to the UMass Amherst MIE Innovation Lab, the hot spot for up and coming student innovators. Come by to take advantage of some great workshops, community collaboration, and student-accessible tools.

Operational Hours Spring 2013

Mon-Fri: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM




We want to better prepare students to be ideal internship candidates and functional members in cross-disciplinary teams in their engineering careers. Through exploratory workshops, interesting projects, and a supply of student-accessible tools, we hope to plant the seed of innovation, and create an environment where students can truly communicate, collaborate, and innovate.


The current innovation lab maker space is the product of alumni generosity and student initiative. The maker space project was begun in 2012 and continues to be adapted by the Innovation Lab Development Team, a combination of enthusiastic faculty members and motivated students driven to increase students' exposure to hands on application of academic theory outside of the classroom. 

  • Student run workshops 

  • Electronic component and building tool inventory feedback

  • Project suggestion links

  • Cool science links

  • ​Safety tutorials

  • Machinery help videos

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Workshop Calendar

  • Operation hours

  • Contact information

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